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Good Fashion, Better Data.

All of BYTES’ designs are 100% original and based on data trends and analytics. Machine learning improvements offer more advanced methods than ever of determining what’s trending and what’s not. By engineering ML models to detect fashion trends (through AutoML) & running data analytics, BYTES creates a wardrobe that’s both fashionable and nerdy.


Read about the Machine Learning models we’ve been training to detect fashion trends, & the data we’ve been analyzing behind successful fashion designs. Some nerdy stuff.

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Logomania is dominating the fashion industry. The Nerdy Swim collection is hand-sewn on customized fabric, so that you can strut your nerdy-ness in and out of the pool.



The article of clothing most commonly seen on the cover of Vogue, who could ever disagree with the practicality & design of the denim jacket? Customized with nerdy, hand-painted phrases.



Silicon Valley tech bros may have their sneakers and sweatshirts, but tech girls have something better: crop sweatshirts. Fit in, yet stand apart.